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Arak is one of the largest cities in the central west part of Iran and is the capital of the Markazi Province with a population of 526,182 people that makes it the 14th populated city of Iran. It is a major industrial city hosting several industrial factories including: Machine Sazi of Arak : The factory has in 8 categories. Iranian Aluminum Company: These factories produce nearly half of the needs of the country in steel, petrochemical, and locomotive industries. Arak has climate characteristics of Central Plateau of Iran that is, in general, relatively hot and dry in summer, windy and cool in autumn, cold and snowy in winter, and mild in spring. Its maximum temperature may raise up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer and drop to below -5 to -10 degrees Celsius in winter. The mountains surrounding south, west and east of Arak, Meyqan Lagoon and Farahan Plain have affected the climate of Arak with unique characteristics. Winter is often long and varies from 4 to 6 months and Spring and Summer are short. Summer happens in June, July and August. Frost days may last 65 to 120 days and the annual rainfall is around 230mm to 638 mm with the average amount of 300mm per year. The annual relative humidity is 46%. Natural Attractions Meygan Lagoon: This lagoon with an area of 25 hectares is located 15 kilometers away in the North East of Arak and in the south of the city of Davoodabad. Due to the diversity of migratory birds in the area, this lagoon has become one of the best eco-tourist places in Arak. Walnut Valley tourism area: The region has an area of 100 hectares located in the south of Arak. Weather is wonderful and nature is intact. Takhte-e-sadat tourism region (Karahroud and Senejan gardens): One of the natural attractions with and area of 100 hectares and located in the nearby of Karahroud
and Senejan district. Springs, Fruit gardens and Karahroud Sadat tombare the tourist attractions. Recreational area of red mountain (Kooh-e-Sorkhe): It is another recreational area located adjacent to Walnut Valley tourism area. Heath centers University health centers of Vali Asr Hospital, Amir Al-Mo’menin Hospital, Ayatolah Khansary Hospital, Amir Kabir Hospital, Ayatolah Taleghani Hospital, Imam Khomeini Social Security Hospital and Qods Private Hospital are the main Healthcare centers in Arak city. Centers for Studies in Higher Education Arak city as an Industrial and metropolis has 7 universities and higher education centers including: Arak University of Medical Sciences, University of Arak, Arak University of Technology, Azad University of Arak, Payam Noor University, Arak Farhangian University and Arak Comprehensive University of Applied Sciences.

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