Traditional and Complementary Medicine Research Center



Traditional and complementary medicine research center of Arak University of Medical Sciences as an academic research institution was established in September 2015 on the basis of the verdict issued at the 249 session of the Council for the Development of Universities of Medical Sciences by obtaining permission of principled agreement, in line with the goal of reviving the great reserve of traditional and complementary medicine of Iran and how to use it in modern medical science.    

Words like complementary medicine and alternative medicine point to some form of medicine which is used in addition to, or instead of, what is called conventional medicine, experimental medicine, western classical medicine or allopathy. They include a set of methods that most of them originate from the native and historical culture of nations and have a different approach to conventional medicine for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Examples of complementary and alternative medicines are as follows: Chinese acupuncture, Ayurveda or Indian quantum healing, Humorism and….Iranian Traditional Medicine School is based on the Humorism school. The principles of diagnosis and treatment of diseases are based on the recognition of the four elements earth, water, air and fire and four temperaments blood, phlegm, bile, soda.                  

Iranian Traditional Medicine is a collection of oral and written, theoretical and practical knowledge which gathered in the cradle of Iran's plateau from Iranian, Greek and Indian ancient wisdom and has grown in the early civilization of Islam. This medicine is indebted to ancient belief the four elements of fire, air, water and soil and human body is made up of four temperaments blood, phlegm, bile, soda.                              

Head of the center:

Dr. Ahmad Akbari

General Practitioner