The Chancellery




Supervising continuously and exactly efficient execution of cultural, educational, research, student, health & treatment and services affairs

Dr. Alireza Amani

  • President of Arak University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Educational qualification: specialized doctorate in bone and joint surgery (orthopedics)

Executive records:

Head of Hazrat Waliasr Hospital of Arak (AS)

Head of Quds Arak Hospital


Address: Arak - Shahid Shiroudi St. - Alam El Hadi St

Phone: 58-33136055

Fax: 33134766



• Adopting executive policy for university and grand policy-making founded on strategic programs ratified by Board of Trustee

• Preparing and proposing strategic programs, policies and goals for presenting to Board of Trustee

• Having responsibility for all university affairs and efficient execution of ratifications made by Board of Trustee

• Supervising continuously and exactly efficient execution of employing and recruiting, job appointments, missions, dismissal of an employee, promotion, and promoting members of faculty and etc.

• Appointing and removing members of board of chairs, and staff managers from office

• Preparing detailed annual budget and financial transactions and provide the university with the provisions of the bylaws and the Board of Trustees and monitoring how the budget cost to the University

• Supervising disciplinary activities in the university (faculty - students - staff) within the rules and regulations

• Signing contracts, binding documents, National Archives, and administrative rules and regulations adopted within the framework of correspondence and financial responsibility, financial and trade regulation laws, administrative regulations and decisions notified

Head of office for the chancellery and Public Relations
Dr. Saideh Bahrampuri

Field of study: Health in disasters and emergencies


Direct phone: 33136055

Internal call number: 2332

Address: Arak, Shahid Shiroudi St., Alam El Hadi St., next to Amir Kabir Hospital, Arak University of Medical Sciences - 5th floor

Records :

  • Technical Deputy of Education and Research Organization of the Nursing System
  • Member of the academic staff of Arak University of Medical Sciences
  • Head of the Office of Performance Inspection and Evaluation and Handling of Complaints of the University of Medical Sciences

• Receiving correspondence from the subordinate units and issuing communiqué of the chancellor of university to affiliated units & non-affiliated institutes upon request.

• Informing people about result of programs and activities of the University via media and holding sessions.

• Preparation of minutes of council meetings and the committees which are being held at the chancellery.

• Regulation visit plan for inside and outside official

• Reporting important daily subjects

• Guidance and providing equipment if necessary and agreement with requests of applicants and clients when possible without visiting related officials.

Mr. Mehdi Nouri Head of the university president's office 33135760
Mr. Hani Farahani Head of the university president's office 33135760
Mrs. Maryam Nowrozi The follow-up expert of the university president 33135857
Mr. Majid Vismeh Administrative affairs expert 33124953