Office for inspection and complaints


Office for inspection and complaints

This office carries out its mission under direct overseeing of the chancellery on three scopes, 
• Inspection scope
• performance evaluation scope
• Answering scope

• Implementation and continuous setting inspection programs periodically or in case, for all subordinate units and giving reports to the chancellery
• Preparation and setting Specific indicators for performance evaluation 
• Evaluation of affiliated units performance based on the standard indicators
• Making contribution with Office of the Vice-chancellor for Management and Human Resource Development in regards to annual performance evaluation
• Receiving complaints and people reports
• Checking and answering to complaints
• In case Checking and supervision about people reports


The manager

Dr. Arash Izad Panah
Field of study: Emergency medicine specialist


Direct phone: 086-33130253

Internal call number: 2220

Address: Arak, Shahid Shiroudi St., Alam El Hadi, next to Amir Kabir Hospital

Postal code 3819693345, first floor


  • Health deputy of Damavand health and treatment network
  • Vice President of Damavand Health and Treatment Network
  • Head of Damavand health and treatment network
  • Responsible for the implementation of the universal health insurance pilot plan and the health transformation plan
  • Responsible for the Medical Exemption Committee of East Tehran and Damavand Military Service
  • Adviser to the governor of Damavand and the governor of Tehran in medical affairs
  • Responsible for pharmaceutical export of pharmaceutical and drug distribution companies
  • Technical manager of private hospitals in Tehran and Imam Reza (AS) {Basijian} Clinic in Tehran
  • The special inspector of the house of martyrs in the 13th period of the presidential elections of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Tehran province