Vice-chancellor for Development

Vice-chancellor for Development

Acting Vice President of University Management and Resources Development: Mr. Dr. Abbas Malataifeh

Educational qualification: specialized doctorate in children's diseases

Service history: 16 years

Address of the workplace: Shahid Shiroudi St., Alam El Hadi St., Arak University of Medical Sciences, second floor, Vice President of Management and Resources Development

Direct phone number: 086-33137400

Fax number: 086-33130352

Call center number: 086-33136055, extension number: 2240


1- Supervision of the good implementation of administrative, financial and employment laws and regulations in all headquarters and subordinate units

2- Monitoring the performance of credits: current, exclusive, acquisition of assets

3- Supervising the regulation of accounting matters, documents and financial reports

4- Examining and presenting correction proposals regarding development in the areas of: management system, organization structure and engineering, systems and methods, business engineering and training in administrative-management sciences and techniques.

5- Creating coordination between administrative, financial, headquarters and subordinate units

6- Examining the construction, facility and equipment needs of subordinate units

7- Investigating and providing manpower for subordinate units

8- Taking the necessary measures to ensure the welfare of employees and...

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