Mobilization definition:                                                      

The mobilization is a collection in which the cleanest people, the most devoted and most ready-to-work youth of the country, have come together in the path to the high goals of this nation and in order to complete and prosper this country. The mobilization is an organization in which, dispersed individuals, become a gigantic and cohesive group and conscious, committed, insightful and interested in country's issues and nation's needs; a set that makes fear the enemy and brings hope and assured to friends.                                     

The mobilization function over two decades can be divided into four periods:                                                                    

-From 1979 to 1987, the period of the formation of mobilization and readiness of people and preparation to deal with possible risks.                                                                             

-From 1982 to mid-1988, the period of dealing with actual risks and military defense from Islamic Revolution (Holy War).        

-From 1988 to 1991 temporary period and leaving with progressive crack and appropriate activity that needed to be found new development in new era.                                      

-From 1992 to the present (continued) the presence of mobilization in the field of construction started with the enlightening and insightful measures of the Supreme Leader and continues to mobilize in various fields in an active and vibrant manner.                                                                

Ideals and goals of mobilization:

-According to the Surah At-Taubah (verse 40) and for preparation of comprehensive defense of the Islamic Revolution, using all segments of the population from 16 years old to 70 years old, mobilization has been formed.                  

-Based on the ideas and attitudes of Islam and based on( And their punishment …. verse). It is imperative that all strata must be prepared to confront enemy plots (domestic and foreign), including military plots. The necessity of the formation of mobilization is determined.                                                  

- The goal is to defend the sanctity and ideology and the need to prevent and deal with potential and actual dangers.