Vice-Chancellor of Student



Dr. Mohammad Bayat








• Planning and organizing to improve and make public affairs efficient, administration and control activities of related units and guide them, trying to solve existing problems and increasing current activities, maintenance, repair and protect the building, facilities, equipments related to office of the Vice-chancellor span

•  Undertaking necessary actions in the provision of public services such as water, electricity, fuel, transportation, cleaning, janitor, security affairs, facilities, telecommunications, supervision on the purchase, entry and exit of required goods 

• Prediction, estimation and provision of personnel in means and requirements, and storing and distributing it within the rules and regulations

• Provide corrective feedback in administration affairs for related units and effective cooperation of the authorities

• Trying to administrative reform and effective execution for client esteem and using new techniques of information technology, especially utilization of administrative automation 

• Personnel evaluation, determination and scrutinizing their strengths and weaknesses and following up matters related to training for all personnel, Issuance of personnel evaluation form, Undertaking the affairs related to personnel welfare and cooperation , Control over time cards, personnel permission, overtime, initialing hour and personal pass 

• Predication and supplying required manpower based on the rules and regulations, and Undertaking the administrative and employment affairs and supervision on the execution of the circulars and by-laws

• Providing safety and saving instructions, control over post correspondences and archive letters, registering arriving and outgoing correspondences, issuing reply, following up and executing correspondences.

• Control and supervision on how to work of contractors under contract

• Setting to all signed contracts related to office of the vice-chancellor for Student according to regulations, coordination for holding administrative meetings and following up their approvals and Supervising on machine-typing and archiving of office of the vice-chancellor 

• Initialing letters, submitted to the superior and assignment to the subordinate

• Establishment of administrative discipline in organization

• Supervision on supplier of affairs and division of labor between the suppliers

•  Obtain the monthly reports of the units

• Order of print and copy affairs 

• Undertaking the assigned affairs by higher authorities.


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