Fellowship and post graduate unit


Fellowship and post graduate Unit :

Fellowship and post graduate unit is one of the subunits of  Educational Affairs and Post Graduate office in Arak University of Medical Sciences, and Educational Services for Fellowship not for Fellowship course is as following:

Internal Medicine - General Surgery - Pediatrics - Obstetrics & Gynecology disease - Anesthesia - Infectious Diseases - Emergency Medicine - Psychiatry - Neurosurgery and educational services for students of M.Sc are as following: Microbiology - Physiology - Critical Care Nursing - Health Education - Clinical Biochemistry - Biostatistics and Medical Biotechnology and also for students of  PhD research done in this unit.



Description of duties:
1. Implementing enrollment affairs of students  who accepted in  Fellowship, B.S  and Ph.D. research 
2.  Obtaining research core viewpoint and comment for Fellowships and  students of  M.Sc degree and  introducing assistants to escrow notarized commitment and relevant correspondence in the Notary Office.

3. Introducing  M.Sc students and assistants to the school of Medicine and office of Vice-chancellor for Student and Cultural affairs and relevant Educational Head of Department and University's Security, Towards enrollment and doing welfare affairs and obtaining approval of  no physical disability and filing
4. Introducing M.Sc students and assistants to the automation services unit of Education Vice-chancellory in order to filling a related form and taking  student  identity card or Fellowship card  and then educational filing  for them.

5. Inquiry and acknowledgment of receipt educational records of previous academic levels and amount of debt of assistants and Student Welfare Fund.

6. Announcing profile of  levies to the military service and relevant ministry, issuing  annual notification of assistants and setting  certificate employment of assistants and issuing annual leave of  assistants and M.Sc students in specific cases.

7. Correspondence and response to requests for transferring and gusting of assistants and M.Sc students.

8. Correspondence of  changing  majors, registration from  replacement assistants,  withdrawing from school of assistants and  M.Sc students

9. Participation and cooperation in holding national acceptance test of assistants, annually  promotion  and  relevant correspondence


10. Implementing all headquarter affairs of assistants and M.Sc students  including the investigation of  M.Sc. students’ and assistants files and eliminating potential defects of files and implementing relevant correspondence , sending received instructions from Ministry of Health and Medical Education to schools,  informing assistants and students in cases requiring via University website, conducting various correspondence with the Ministry and …